About Us

Las Vegas is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world, and no one knows it better than the professionals at AWG.  We’ve been monitoring the pulse of the city for more than 20 years, and now set the pace as an exceptional destination management company in Las Vegas. With a passion for both our city and our business,  it is our professional pleasure to showcase the best Las Vegas has to offer with the world.

AWG is committed to providing first class customer service, and we pride ourselves on being the go-to destination management provider in Las Vegas. Our team of industry professionals consistently delivers quality service, fresh and exciting concepts, and cutting edge, custom solutions. Relationships play a big part of our business, and it is our constant goal to build results-driven trust and customer loyalty.

AWG opened its doors in 1996, first as Alan Waxler Group, LLC, which went on to become AWG Destination Services, LLC. With more than a century of combined experience and a focus on meetings, incentives, and hospitality, AWG’s team has attracted attention and earned the respect of clients the world over.


Alan Waxler, President and CEO

Alan’s event planning career began when he a student at Ohio State University, where he was president of concert promotions. This early role saw him produce and promote all on-campus concert events, and served as a launching pad for a long career in event management.

After college, Alan entered the ladies fashion industry.  He worked as the VP of Regional Sales for two major clothing manufacturers, College Town and Reynard for a combined 14 years. While this position might not sound relevant to destination management or events, it actually provided experience in areas that are now central to AWG’s business: developing and maintaining client relationships, managing regional teams, and organizing national sales meetings, in-store seminars, and fashion shows. Meanwhile, Alan also gained valuable experience in his off-time, performing charitable work and organizing an industry-wide golf tournament that benefitted the homeless.

Alan came to Las Vegas to follow in his father’s footsteps and enter the local hotel and casino sector, but his plans took a turn when he got a taste of the destination management industry. Seizing the opportunity, Alan began building relationships with influential meeting planners, and eventually founded AWG.

Looking back, Alan credits his success to his parents, who gave him the foundation that is now central to his business philosophy: hard work, trust, and loyalty.

Alan has been recognized by his professional peers at the Association of Destination Management Executives (ADME) as a Destination Management Professional (DMCP).  


Alene Waxler, Executive Vice President

Alene relocated from Southern California to work with her brother, Alan, in the destination management business.  It has proven to be an excellent career choice for this multi-talented individual considering her strong sales and marketing skills acquired throughout her professional career.

After attending OhioStateUniversity, her interest was sparked by the travel industry. She moved from her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to Orange County,California, where she received a degree in travel from Coastline Community College and worked as a licensed travel consultant in Laguna Beach for five years. Alene later received a degree in business management from theUniversity of Phoenix.

She left the travel industry to join the Marriott Corporation, which introduced her to the hospitality industry.  Henceforth, Alene enjoyed a 15-year career in the spirits and wine industry.  She held a position as beverage controller for the Newport Beach, CA Marriott and then as a national account manager for Brown Forman Beverages Worldwide. With Brown Forman, Alene coordinated a wide range of successful marketing promotions for hotel and restaurant chains.  Working with distributor sales teams, she often spearheaded her own creative incentive programs for top-notch sales efforts.  Alene understands the dynamics of sales and marketing. She is perceptive in understanding the needs of the customer and delivering results.

Alene has gained recognition as a Destination Management Professional (DMCP) from the Association of Destination Management Executives (ADME).


Kellie Hanley, Vice President of Corporate Events

When Kellie moved to Las Vegas from St. Louis in 1987, the then-recent college graduate was eager to start a career in sales in marketing. However, it wasn’t long after she settled in Southern Nevada that she started helping a friend who owned an event planning business, and, three years later, she made the transition to full-time event planning and operation. 

With a seemingly endless stock of unique ideas, Kellie is a tireless team player who pushes the creative envelope with every project she produces. Meanwhile, the former model prides herself on providing the best possible service, and is known for being incredibly personable and eager to please.

When she’s not in the office or busy planning her next event, Kellie works with a variety of local non-profits, including Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Homeless Families Foundation, Save the Hungry Children and the American Cancer Society, and enjoys spending quality time with her husband Carl and their two children, Jordyn and Taylor.


Richard (Rick) Forman, Vice President of Business Development

After spending two decades in the ladies fashion industry, Rick moved to Las Vegas in 1998 looking to retire. However, his plans changed when he got together with his friend and former Ohio State classmate Alan Waxler.

Rick came out of retirement in 2000 to join AWG, where his diverse skill set and incredible sales, marketing, and customer relations experience has been an invaluable addition to the team. Rick has a knack for building strong relationships, and his high-energy, positive attitude is infectious.

From the moment you step into his memorabilia-filled office, it is clear that Rick is a diehard OSU sports fan. He is also passionate about working with Athletes Against Drugs, a Steadman Graham Organization, and in his spare time, councils student athletes and helps them plan for the future.