AWG's Staff flies high over Lake Las Vegas / by Devon Padgett

AWG DMC's Staff was recently treated to a truly unique and fun day on the lake courtesy of Flyboard Las Vegas. Kellie Hanley, AWG's fearless President and 20+ year veteran of the Las Vegas events world led off the team and was able to ride above the lake after a few practice runs. Event Fabricator Eric Parham rode alongside of her with varying degrees of success but luckily survived with his dignity intact. Next up was Program Manager Haleema Linares and Event Fabricator Kam Marvi. Haleema's never say die attitude was on full display as she attempted to master the flyboard, a skill which came almost second nature to Kam.

Next up was Operations Specialist Donna Montanino who was a natural on the flyboard and showed the rest of the staff how it was done. Director of Special Projects Devon Padgett also gave the flyboard a try and set the record for highest flight amongst the group. If you are looking for a respite from the summer heat, we highly recommend Flyboarding. 

AWG would like to cordially thank the staff of Flyboard Las Vegas for an amazing day on Lake Las Vegas. To book your own flyboard experience, go to and tell the AWG sent you!