AWG creates memorable night for Joy Prom attendees / by Devon Padgett

For the seventh year in a row, AWG's FABLAB supported the Joy Prom event which was held this year at the M resort this past Saturday. JOY PROM is a full-scale prom for teenagers and adult individuals with cognitive and physical impairments where every guest is celebrated and accepted. The invited guests are hosted complimentary. The experience recognizes the individual guest first and then their disability, while providing a positive environment free of judgment or negativity.

Guests enjoy this experience along with their peers in a protected, safe, controlled, and comfortable environment. The JOY PROM Las Vegas experience empowers guests to be confident, fosters inclusion, builds self-esteem and inspires friendships.

One of JOYPROM's committee members penned AWG President Kellie Hanley some of her thoughts on this year's event that we are pleased to share.

"As always the adorable photo op in the ballroom was super popular with our guests. We had princess Moana there and your backdrop was so perfect for photos with her. You and your people always do an incredible job in making that piece work seamlessly with our theme and the other decor. Thank you!!!!

Speaking of thank you- I thought the 'Thank You' wall couldn't get any cooler than last years but I was wrong. I absolutely loved the wall!! The creativity and execution is always so above and beyond and provided yet another fabulous photo op. We are so very grateful for your commitment and generosity it partnering with us to make JoyProm an incredible night for our guests. We exist for no other reason than to make 300 guests feel like the VIPs of the night and for our very large volunteer base to be touched by the experience in ways that will carry over into the every day for them. As a parent wrote in a note she left for us, "it would be wonderful if the world was filled with only people as nice as these." I believe Joy Prom shows us all a lot about how more alike we all are than different. 

AWG is honored to be participate in the annual JOY PROM and hopes that all of this years attendees had a memorable and joyful evening. Here are some assorted pictures from this year's event: